As pet owners ourselves we do understand that plans can change. To Cancel a petcare plan we ask for a 3 day turn around To give notice:

Please refer to reference written HTPPM terms and conditions. Cancellation Prodecures:         .    

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Free Range, no sheds, kennels or lockups  

Happy Tails Paws Pet Minding Services  

Dogs & Puppies Daycare Overnight Staying - 24 Hours care  

Dogs - Home visits - complimentary walk incuded in visits 

Cats - Home visits - Kitty Litter tray cleaned out or refreshed ( no extra charge ) 

Kitty Weekender 3 to 4 days and nights - Kitty litter tray cleaned out or refreshed ( no extra charge    

Puppy Daycare Respite - The 1st 4 hours of care $25.75  

Doggie Day Traveller -  Country or Interstate visitors to Mackay QLD  

Doggie Weekender - 3 to 4 days   
Small Doggie Weekender 
3 to 4 days and nights 

Bird minding - Home visit & Overnight Stays 

Bathing and Grooming - Purrfection Grooming 

Enquiry and Bookings 

Office Mobile   

Cathy - 0407013487 

Doggie Exercise in the park 

And they call it puppy loveeeee  

The yard and enclosure is designed to be comfortable ,safe and  accommodate small to med dogs aged from 6 months to older. Due to health and safety management we do not manage large dogs. Large dogs are home visited. The dogs that stay here have the freedom to run, play, and nap at anytime they choose: The property is fitted with high fences ( no escape artists ) 

Puppy Daycare Services are offered where puppy can come and spend a few hours playing and socialising with the other guest dogs. Puppy brings along his bed and toys and he can have nap at anytime.         

Doggie Day Traveller Country and Interstate visitors these services are for your pet. 

Holidays and Family adventures away from home. Your favourite pet is coming along too except where can he or she go if you'd like to see the sites of Queensland. 

Happy Tails Paws Pet Minding has a Free Range property "welcomes" country and  interstate visitors to bring along your pet to come and spend the day or stay for a few hours or can do an overnight stay if required. Your free to go off and see the sites of our local Mackay, Airlie Beach, Whit Sundays and the Islands. Townsville and Cairns: Our services are advertised in The RACV   Royal Auto Magazine:       

Would like to find out more about Doggie Day Traveller Services call   Cathy Office Mobile 0407013487 

Sylvanna Office Mobile 0447123413 

The photos are of a play area that has been designed for the dogs and recently added a table, chairs and umbrella to the collection.