Book your holiday and see beautiful  Queensland   

Bookings made from Sept onwards to Dec 2020
Small breeds staying for 7 to 10 days discount saving up to $25.00 on a service:
Small size breeds staying for more then 10 days discount saving of up to $40.00 on a service:    
Med size breed staying for7 to 10 days discount saving up to $25.00 to $40.00 on a service:  
Med size breed sizes staying for 14 to 28  days discount Saving up to  $50.00 to $100 on a service:   

SEPT TO DEC PET SERVICES $25 to   $100 discount on a services:    

Book your pet in for September onwards to December and take full advantage of this offer: 
To help out pet owners financially with a holiday we are introducing an after pay idea - Pay before departing for the holiday: 
How does this work? 
When pet has been booked into calendar and a quote has been done and approved this can be paid by a direct debit payment till paid in full amount: Pets stay paid for and you can go on a holiday with a little extra cash to spend: Like to learn more information about this service call Manager Sylvanna 0447123413 or send an e-mail to Manager  

Specialised Daycare SERVICES

Doggie Day Traveller

Visiting Mackay from interstate and want to see the tourist sights , no worries leave your dog here and our trained staff will look after your pet for the day: 

Doggie Weekender 

Want to get away for some well earned rest and only have 3 to 4 days to take a break. No worries, leave your pet here to stay overnight and our trained staff will take very good care of your pet: go and enjoy your short break: 


Puppy Daycare Respite 


Bella dancing a jig and look at this little girl go:   

New Service Doggie Respite Rescue 

Work commitments , Medical appointments, Business meetings and House inspections: We will look after your  puppy or dog for you. A pet carer will monitor and see that your puppy or pet receives care throughout the day giving them lunch and making sure that puppy has naps and lots of playtime: Puppy is supplied with Training pads oops in case we do have an accident: 


This service has been created for pet owners that find themselves in the situation where they have nowhere for there pet to live anymore due to either work commitments, financial and family issues: 

We will look after your pet for you: We will supply food, bedding, toys and lots of TLC. More information about this service please call Manager 0447123413 or send an email to Manager

From September onwards to December 2020 school holiday breaks Cat Owners going away for 7 to 10 + days a discount saving 10% to 20% on a home visit:  
2 cats 50% off the second cat on a home visit:     
Book early to get this offer:  

This Offer also applies to pet owners with dogs to be cared for with pet home visits: 7 to 10 + days a discount saving 10% to 20% on the visit: 

2 dogs 50% off the second dog: Book Early to get this offer:     


Collect mail 
Take out and bring in the garbage bins 

PET OWNERS: That are HAPPY with our services: To be confident of our services pet owner recommendations are readily available. We respect their privacy to not put contact details online: These pet owners are only a phone call for you to speak too: 

Water pot plants and gardens 

As pet owners ourselves we do understand that plans can change. To Cancel a petcare plan we ask for a 3 day turn around To give notice:

Please refer to reference written HTPPM terms and conditions. Cancellation Prodecures:         .    

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