As pet owners ourselves we do understand that plans can change. To Cancel a petcare plan we ask for a 3 day turn around To give notice:

Please refer to reference written HTPPM terms and conditions. Cancellation Prodecures:         .    

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Take the opportunity to book for 2019 school holidays July, September, December into January. Take full advantage of our home visit discount for pet owners with 2 pets. Get your second pet 1/2 rate of normal price for more than 10 to 14 days visits: 

 This offer also apply's to 1 pet owner ( 1/2 price on normal rate for second week) Overnight staying more than 10 to 14 days get your second week 1/2 rate of normal price:  These offers are available now and the promotion ends on 3oth June Book Now:  


Pussycat Holidays  

Pussy cat Pussy cat where have you been? Take advantage of the school holiday promotion for these four legged fur balls: Cat Owners going away for more than 10 to 14 days we can offer 1/2 rate on normal price for the 2nd week home visit:  This offer can also apply to more than one cat: Ends the 30th June BOOK NOW  

Doggie Day Traveller

Visiting Mackay and want to see the tourist sights , no worries leave your dog here and our trained staff will look after your pet for the day: Check out the online services on the menu: 

Doggie Weekender 

Want to get away for some well earned rest and only have 3 to 4 days to take a break. No worries, leave your pet here to stay overnight and our trained staff will take very good care of your pet: go and enjoy your short break: Check out our online services on the menu:  



Holiday Ship Cruise 

Pet Owners and there pets were very happy with the June Promotion that it is now been run again till the end of November 2019 Would like to find out more about these offers call the office number 4955 0193 or send an e-mail to