Happy Tails Paws Pet Minding Legal Eagle Documents 
MCLP Terms and
Document outlines what both pet owner and Htppm are enabled to act upon during the time pet is been minded:  
MCLP Private Policy 
Document keeps your information private and confidential: Pet owner can ask at anytime to have this document shredded: 
Veterinary Requirements 
Dogs can transfer diseases through saliva and feces. Diseases like Parvovirus  CPV and Tick Paralysis and Bacterial infection are most common in dogs. All pets coming in to stay,   important that the pet have an up to date Vet Card.         
Pet Minding Quote 
Document sets out services to be carried out for long term pet boarding not short term: 
These services are laundry days, bathing and grooming days, and cleaning up after pet and pets enclosure and play areas:   
All services are worked on a weekly and fortnightly period. We maintain to give your pet a red carpet stay: A quote can be requested when your pet is coming to stay.   
Steel Pacific Mackay Public Liability Insurance  
Happy Tails Paws Pet Minding  
holds a Public Liabilty Insurance 
to cover all pets that come and go from the property when they are staying and home visiting. 
UPDATE: We can now send your documents direct to your e-mail through Docu Sign. All to be done is view, sign and e-mail back to us.     
Safety and Security 
All pets are to be on a leash when been dropped off and leaving the property. 
Pets Safety from illness 
Pets love to cuddle up to each other and it only takes 1 parasite or bacteria to make your pet unwell. We want to keep them well and happy:   

As pet owners ourselves we do understand that plans can change. To Cancel a petcare plan we ask for a 3 day turn around To give notice:

Please refer to reference written HTPPM terms and conditions. Cancellation Prodecures:         .    

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