Happy Tails Paws Pet Minding: With tourism industry falling over it is up to Management to start thinking outside of the square and using our pro active thinking skills more: Before the outbreak pet owners had been asking about holistic pet food products for dogs and would we consider getting the products to sell. Well we did our research and decided to speak to a food company that sold dog biscuits and treats: We did our homework and decided we'd give the idea a try ' hence ' we began giving out dishes of bickies for pets to eat while staying and never had one doggie turn his nose up at the biscuits and treats: Pet owners started enquiring and ordering the biscuits and treats WHAT DID WE DO NEXT? 

The virus outbreak motivated us to keep on with our idea and to take the business services to be completely online with a retail ordering and delivery option for pet owners.


Have designed the most outstanding website to introduce and invite pet owners to view and read all about

Savour - Life dog biscuits and treats: 

We have gone  online:  

TREATS: Naturals, Training Treats and Strips: Chicken, Kangaroo, Fish, Salmon, Duck, Liver, Shark Cartilage, Tuna, Sweet Potatoe, Lamb and Beef:  
Superfood Range - Grain Free - Australian made contains no artifucal flavours, colours or preservatives:   

Biscuits and treats made with Holistic healthy ingredients that your dog is going to love eating and make sure his bowl is :   always full: 

BISCUITS: Chicken, Kangaroo, 
Salmon, Lamb, Turkey, Fish,  
Savour - Life donates 50% of there profits to help save rescue dogs: 

The ' proof is always in he pudding ' Go take look at the dog biscuit, treat website 

As pet owners ourselves we do understand that plans can change. To Cancel a petcare plan we ask for a 3 day turn around To give notice:

Please refer to reference written HTPPM terms and conditions. Cancellation Prodecures:         .    

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